70-Week Streak

And just like that – I have hit a 70-week streak! I am typing this as I just completed a 45-minute PZ (powerzone) ride in week 5 of the Rock ‘N’ Zones PZP challenge. My third PZP challenge. I remember seeing posts about Power Zone rides and doing the Discover Your PZ program through Peloton; […]

Your Clothes Not Fitting Is Not A Negative Thing

I gave in last week and bought new pants for work. I have a job where I have to wear a uniform and the pants have always been God awful. But, whatever. At first, I was pretty disappointed because I felt like I have been working so hard with eating intuitively and making working out […]

Camp NaNoWriMo

I remember when I was a member of booktube NaNoWriMo was a big deal (in November). At that time I had no interest in writing a book – that’s a lie, I have always had an interest but I didn’t have a story. It seemed like every active reader was trying to write a book […]

It Is Okay To Just Get A Paycheck

At one point or another, maybe even still currently, we are told that we have to find a job that we love and is fulfilling. We have to climb some ladder and “become something of ourselves”. We are “supposed to” want promotions and titles. No one tells us it is okay to work just to […]


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