Life Unedited (page 5)

I am feeling different. There could be and are a lot of reasons that I feel different, but I feel like I just need to say it here.

Things still feel very discombobulated amid the hopefully beginning of the end of the pandemic. That could also be applied to a life decision I made that I still haven’t blogged about. Eventually, it’ll be here.

Isolation is definitely hitting full force, and not necessarily isolation from people in general because I’m starting to hang out with some friends again, but not getting to meet new people at bars, games, or wherever.

It’s hard to think that I’ve missed a year of that. Right now, being single sucks.


Life Unedited (page 3)

It is cold, people. We’re zooming through February and have landed at the coldest couple of weeks yet this winter. I love a good snowy vibe, but this time of year is always half crabby and half hopeful for the warmth on the horizon.

Which is next week, thank you mother nature. Another exciting thing coming up is the fact I can start working out like normal person again (the reason I ever stopped is a future blog post, so details don’t belong here—oops).

Unfortunately for now, things are feeling quite lonely and boring. In a normal, non-virus year, it’d feel like this, but the fact I’ve been isolating for almost a year on top of it helps nothing.

Living alone is great until it’s the only thing to do.

So for now, enjoy my cold view in a flim-y black and white vibe. It’s all I see these days.


Life Unedited (page 2)

Winter has felt strange this year. It’s been incredible mild (and filled with stress, but I’ll get into that later) and not too snowy. I do work from home now because of the pandemic—and hopefully farther into the future—so I don’t exactly go outside a lot. Definitely has something to do with the weird feeling.

Either way, I’m into that time of year where I wish for any kind of warmer weather, so for today’s photo, I chose something from fall a few years ago.

And heavily manipulated it to look like it’s from fall, haha.

The original photo was basically yellow, like everything was yellow. I brighten the water and turned it blue and deepened what variations in color I had. Pretty happy with how it turned out!

Life Unedited (page 1)

Who’s back? Back again?

Me, hopefully.

I have some ambition that popped out of nowhere, so I’m jumping on it. I want to start a project and since we are in the middle of this pandemic and going out and about isn’t key, I came up with this idea.

I will be going through the hundreds of unedited photos I have, editing some of them, and jotting down random thoughts. Hopefully, I will create a fun, low key little journey on here that will encourage my creativity (and maybe someone else’s).

This is me and somehow, I never chose to post this photo Instagram.

I weirdly had a body breakthrough this year. I used to judge myself pretty hard in photos and then suddenly—without even trying to—I wondered why I ever thought those photos looked bad. I do think that focusing on my mental health is the foundation of that change. I just didn’t expect it to happen.


Still not ready.

Neglect is the theme of this blog this fall and now winter and I’m still not ready to figure it out. I do hope to create an actual plan and guide to keep myself consistent like I once was. I’m giving myself the entire winter to figure that one out.

Things are weighing on me pretty heavy right now and I’m not quite sure how to handle it. Frankly, I don’t even feel like that statement is true, but my body keeps telling me it is.

The next month is full and after it passes, I will be able to relax (and post a blog about all that happened because I guess it kind of is a big deal).

Other than that, I will leave this post quite short. I just wanted to say that I found a new way to edit my personal photos that I really, really, really like. I haven’t found that yet, so it’s pretty exciting.

See! It’s like fake film!


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I stand here writing this post reminiscing over a nice, autumn photo adventure I had a couple weekends ago in a full on blizzard.

…I promise I love Minnesota.

Anyway, I coach high school dance team and had to cancel practice due to said blizzard, so I have actual time to think about being productive.

I’ve been neglecting much more than this blog, but the constant reminder that I pay for this lingers in the back of my mind enough to produce a couple times a month.

I’m planning on reviving this bad boy towards the end of the year and that really just means I’m going to start scheduling posts again and remain consistent. 😉

For now, enjoy a few photos of my face and the beautiful fall season pre-snow.


Autumn Aesthetic

My favorite time of year🍁🍂

There’s going to be a lot of photography coming as I figure out a rhythm with posting again. Good thing, it’s something I love to do!