Hey, hi.

I am Jenna and I am an aspiring author. I read somewhere that it is taboo to use the word aspiring before a title as it implies you might not ever actually ever “do the damn thing”. Amongst other things.

My entire life I have been attracted to the written word; being an avid reader off and on since I was a child. My mother always said that one day I would write my story. While I am not ready to do that exactly, the desire to really write something has struck. Which I would think is inevitable for all readers at some point. I am ready to write the story I would want to read and have yet to. I am ready to write something more than the small glimpse into my mind that a blog post brings. (Which I’ve also been doing on and off since forever)

When I am not procrastinating putting words on the screen I am a mother (to two teenagers) and wife. I also work outside of the home. I love me a good Netflix documentary and my Peloton.


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