Framing Your Photos

One of the things I like to do with photography is to take “boring” scenes or items and make them work for a photo. I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I do have three things I think about when “there’s nothing interesting around”.

1. Always remember the tried and true rule of thirds. It’s simple, but obviously works. I’m a fan of shifting things to the left or right, but I occasionally (like the tree below) like to showcase something front and center. The reason I think this photo works is because the sky in the top third and the super green brush in the bottom third. It gives the photo layers that are still somewhat using that method. That being said, use the rule of thirds as a guideline not a rule. 😉

2. Texture! The photo below is of a large tree with lots of brush next to a shed in my parents backyard—definitely nothing outstanding. The reason I like it is all of the texture the leaves provide (specially after a good contrast-y edit). I was challenging myself with this shot and I think it kind of worked!

3. Shifting focus is my last tip. Originally, I had wanted to focus on the plant in the corner of the deck for this shot, but because autofocus doesn’t really listen ever, it focused on the partially hidden dragonfly piece my mom had hanging off a plant hanger, as well as the front of the railing post. I agree, it’s a weird thing to focus on, but I ended up liking of soft blur of the background taking over most of the photo and here we are. Taking the same photo, but focusing on something different each time is a great way to get great shots.


Like I said earlier, I’m not a professional and I honestly don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, but I love photography, so maybe these tips will help you love it, too!


Thanks for reading!


I bought a plant!

Guys! I bought a plant that isn’t plastic! So, naturally, I had to make a leaf print, right?

This is 100% not the type of leaf on my plant, but I’m sure I’ll be taking a fancy photo of it once it’s all comfortable in my apartment, so until then—enjoy this print!


It should be on my store and or photography website soon, but if not, message me and I’ll put it on!

Thank you! 🙂


head in the clouds


Head in the clouds…

get it? because when you write, your head is in the clouds…? 😀


I wanted to write or edit tonight, but obviously wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to combine my love of creative art with my love of creative words. And I think it turned out pretty cool.



A little writer’s block hit me today, so instead of dwelling and doing nothing, a little line design was created.

Eucalyptus— always has been one of my favorite smells, but also is known to help relieve stress and anxiety. It’s also very pretty. 🙂





Little by Little

I’m up way past my bedtime (it’s 10:58PM), but I spent the time well and creatively.

I’m moving very soon and I’ve been wanting to get a large abstract sort of wall art for a statement piece in my new place. Initially I thought I was going to buy one, but let’s be real, I have to at least try and make one and fail before I spend money.

BUT, I’m feeling pretty good about this one. 🙂






When life gets in the way.

Anxiety kicked my ass.

The last two months dragged me back into the pits of mental health hell and my creative plans were pushed to the sideline.

It sucked.

And it sucked that it was all caused by the little thing called money.

My anxiety is directly correlated with my worry of being able to live a sustainable life in the city by myself. That’s how it started those few years ago—with the realization that I was poor and the continuing defeat of not find ways to make more money.

The past few months have been filled with constant scrolling through job sites trying to find my next position that actually paid a living wage (because your girl has crippling student loan debt that makes everything impossible in today’s society).

Finally, just a week before Christmas, I applied, interview (twice), and got a job offer all under just six days and stress the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders.

I hate the money is the cause of so much of my mental health struggle. It literally shuts off my desire to continue working on my creative goals—even though they will eventually lead to another stream of income, but that’s why poor mental health does to ya.

Throughout these few months where I was losing my battle, I did a few things to stay afloat that I want to share with you now that I’m winning again.

  1. Journaling: Despite being a writer, keeping a journal has always been a hard thing for me. I think because up until recently, it’s been super hard for me to talk about anything emotional and mental health related—specially the damaging stuff. But after spending Thanksgiving with my parents (and my dad reading a little article off of Facebook about this stuff), I decided to buy a cute journal from Target and give it a go. I’ve only done about three or four entries, but I think it helped.
  2. Purpose: This goes along with the journaling. I need to give myself a purpose to do something, like a mini goal. Working towards something always helps me get through these tough times. This time it was ending each journal entry on a (somewhat) positive note because someday, I will want my kids to read it, to know they are not the only ones going through hard times.
  3. Breathing: I literally hate this one. I hate when people tell me to “just breathe”, but gosh darnit, it works. I also like to use some essential oils (eucalyptus and peppermint is in my “relief” one). Taking a few deep breaths is a form of meditation and just relaxes you, even if it’s just for a little bit.


Usually at this point, I would add in writing because that usually helps me through it—working on my stories, characters, plots, but this time, it didn’t. Nothing creative was helping, not even photography.

Just because something worked in the past, doesn’t mean it will work every time and that is okay. Sometimes we need to completely step away to regroup and recharge. It’s learning to accept that that will help bring us back to where we need and want to be.

I just turned 26 and 2019 is right around the corner and guess what?

I’m ready.



Flower Lines

If you had to choose one, which would you get as a tattoo?



Done in Adobe Illustrator based on some little flowers in my friend’s kitchen. 🙂