• Sunset Collection: Mountains

    Taking time to create more art on my computer. I live for the colors of a good sunset (or sunrise), so I’ve decided to create a collection of original wall art inspired by that. Available as a canvas here and…

  • Relax

    A little writer’s block hit me today, so instead of dwelling and doing nothing, a little line design was created. Eucalyptus— always has been one of my favorite smells, but also is known to help relieve stress and anxiety. It’s…

  • The Time is Now

    While I figure out my new routine (because I finally moved!) enjoy another abstract-y print created by yours truly. Available for purchase at my store!    

  • Little by Little

    I’m up way past my bedtime (it’s 10:58PM), but I spent the time well and creatively. I’m moving very soon and I’ve been wanting to get a large abstract sort of wall art for a statement piece in my new place.…

  • Flower Lines

    If you had to choose one, which would you get as a tattoo?   Done in Adobe Illustrator based on some little flowers in my friend’s kitchen. 🙂