• Smile More, People!

    I have no real direction for making graphics, but it’s fun to play around in Adobe Creative Suite, so I’ve decided to keep posting my little “doodles”. It seems appropriate to start off with a little quote about making sure…

  • Day 2 | Dream Board

    DAY 2: Make a wish list collage. Ta-da! This became more of a dream or inspiration board rather than a wish list because come on, wishes don’t come true until you make them goals. I’m at a pretty simple time…

  • Design Day

    Figured since I’m stuck inside because of the snow storm, I’d revamp some old photos! I did the first two in Photoshop and the last one in Illustrator! The pen tool is actually my fav.

  • Graphics & Minneapolis

    Did some really simple editing to two shots I’ve taken in downtown Minneapolis. I’m thinking they’ll be pretty cool printed out and ironed on to t-shirts… I’ll keep you updated. 🙂