Food Makes Me Sick

I’ve posted once before on how I have to eat because of my food allergies (or sensitivities to be technical), but to catch everyone up, three years ago I decided to get a food allergy test done for igG because every time I ate, I got sick. This had been going on for most of my life, but got worse in college and my first year out of college.

Immediate reaction food allergies (hives, swelling, etc) are igE and cannot be determined by a simple blood test.

What I deal with is igG food sensitivities that are delayed reactions to food, anywhere from one hour to 48 hours, so it’s literally impossible for me to determine what is making me sick. There are a lot of symptoms related but I typically deal with bloating, diarrhea, difficulty losing weight, and major cramping. Trouble sleeping and headaches are also some symptoms that may come from it, but I’m not sure since they aren’t directly related to eating.

When I first got tested I went to a chiropractor who pricked my finger and sent the blood off to the lab. I got a chart back two weeks later with my reactions against 97 foods. I was told to give up egg, dairy, wheat, corn, coffee, spinach, radishes, mushrooms, and spelt.

I completely switched my diet, stopped feeling sick, lost some weight, and overall felt great. Fast forward three years and I feel like I’m going backwards. I’ve been getting sick again and feel like I’m struggling losing weight, which are my biggest two symptoms.

I mean, it’s probably because I’ve been eating the same thing for three years, but which so little to choose from (and because I’m lazy and don’t like to cook), it’s hard to find things to eat.

So, now starts the journey of figuring out what the hell I can actually eat. I found a company that not only does the test themselves, but sends it in the mail. It’s literally half the price I paid (insurance doesn’t cover this), so my mom said “do it!”.

I’m going to document how it goes, what happens down the line, and if it actually works. The next update will come either in a couple days or next week with the actual test. Next week, I’ll have the results.

This is a huge lifestyle change and takes a lot of work, but in the end it is worth it to feel healthy.

I just hope I can have a little cheese again.



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