I stand here writing this post reminiscing over a nice, autumn photo adventure I had a couple weekends ago in a full on blizzard.

â€ĶI promise I love Minnesota.

Anyway, I coach high school dance team and had to cancel practice due to said blizzard, so I have actual time to think about being productive.

I’ve been neglecting much more than this blog, but the constant reminder that I pay for this lingers in the back of my mind enough to produce a couple times a month.

I’m planning on reviving this bad boy towards the end of the year and that really just means I’m going to start scheduling posts again and remain consistent. 😉

For now, enjoy a few photos of my face and the beautiful fall season pre-snow.



4 Replies to “adventuring”

    1. Sure did, haha! We expect it anywhere between October through April, give or take a month. 😉

      1. Wow, hang in there lol. Though I’m sure you’re used it. I wonder how, after reading this they can talk about us in Canada they way to do lol

        1. haha, it’s always quite a ride. We actually don’t have any snow right now in Minnesota. Probably going to be a brown winter!

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