Smile More, People!

I have no real direction for making graphics, but it’s fun to play around in Adobe Creative Suite, so I’ve decided to keep posting my little “doodles”.

It seems appropriate to start off with a little quote about making sure to always make time to smile! Smiling relaxes your body and mind for as long as you want it to and typically it’s enough time to nail that presentation or ask the cutie co-worker out for coffee. 😉




5 Replies to “Smile More, People!”

  1. Smile more….and laugh always! Inspirational post.

    1. Agreed! Thank you!

      1. Welcome.

  2. You’re so good at making these! Anna x (one half of The Cinnamon Buns and Roses blog)

    1. Thank you! That’s very kind of you to say!

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