25 Days of Self Discovery | day three

Hello again! If you haven’t noticed, I have greatly spread out these journal posts and plan to keep doing so. So day three is like months after day one, but we work with it.


3. 20 things that make me smile.

1. sunrise and sunsets

2. bonfires

3. family

4. our cabin in canada

5. writing

6. laying in the sun (with sunscreen, I know it’s bad, oh well, one life)

7. reading a good book

8. SPORTS (I miss sports)

9. trees

10. walking in tree filled areas

11. photography and all the photoshoots

12. fall

13. floating in water

14. plants in my apartment!

15. good, long conversation

16. pretty wood finishes

17. being outside/fresh air

18. all right, harry potter

19. food I can eat that doesn’t make me sick

20. creating

In this time, it’s pretty important to sit back and discover what makes you happy and what makes your world go around while we continue to stay isolated and safe.






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Stylistic Change


I’ve been feeling like I needed a new picture lately. It’s maybe, sort of, becoming fall here, so that means I need to change up everything. 🙂

I’ve started with a new blog picture (with “cloning” myself again… haha) and my Spotify account, which consisted of just putting nice playlist pictures that represent the theme of the playlist. If you want to check out what I listen to—click here!

Otherwise, here’s my little graphic design project for tonight!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It has some fall colors in it! 🙂




Lake Cabin Colors

I keep seeing these little color scheme/aesthetic designs on Pinterest, so I needed to try it out! This one comes from my little slice of heaven—my family lake cabin—using one of my favorite photos I took up there!