• Zoomin’

    Do you ever just get obnoxiously close to take pictures of random objects?

  • Weekend Flowers

    Finally, I’ve had a weekend day outside with my camera (definitely my fault that I haven’t yet, but that’s whatever)—the subjects? My mom’s flowers. It’s a lot of fun to get super close and disguise where you’re actually taking the…

  • Flower Power

    I’m pretty sure flowers have actual power because just looking at them makes me feel better.  

  • The Second Winter

    I figure I should stop complaining about spring missing MN (probably won’t), so in honor of the insane snowstorm we’re supposed to get this weekend, here are some winter photos! Some day it’ll be warm!

  • Day 12 | We’re Burning Red

    DAY 12: Make a color collage. Shout out to T-Swift for the title inspo! This took a little time solely for the fact that I needed to scroll through my entire VSCO library to find pictures with similar coloring. Red…

  • Bricks & Greens

    Today I present to you a very wealthy neighborhood’s landscape and boy, was it nice to look at. I love, LOVE taking pictures of things outside (nature, rocks, signs, etc.), so when we walked down this neighborhood street some time…

  • Flowers

    I’ve definitely got summer fever. Back at ya with another last summer pictures of flowers post! First and last photo were taken on my iPhone!

  • The Bigger Picture: Day 3

    Today’s edition includes light and my handy iPhone 7 (and VSCO)! Top: my cool industrial lamp from Target! Bottom: the flame from my candle! The Bigger Picture series is set to make us appreciate small works of art and challenge us to…