feel green, feel alive

Green is absolutely my favorite color. I love how it fills landscape after a cold winter- everything is alive once again. It’s a good motivating color for me, a good fresh color that goes hand in hand with fresh air. It also photographs really nicely. 😉




Fall Through a Lens

Good news is that I’ve been busy with photography.

Bad news is that I haven’t been busy with blogging.

Better news is that I’m posting a bunch of pretty fall photos!



Prints are available on my website of some of these and other fall time photos!




Do you ever just get obnoxiously close to take pictures of random objects?


… me too.

Also, let’s just ignore that the last one is out of focus.




Weekend Flowers

Finally, I’ve had a weekend day outside with my camera (definitely my fault that I haven’t yet, but that’s whatever)—the subjects? My mom’s flowers.

It’s a lot of fun to get super close and disguise where you’re actually taking the photo. Unfortunately, I need to get better with manual focus. Practice makes perfect!

I’ve posted a video to IGTV (instagram’s new vertical video/vlogging app) with a behind-the-scenes look at where I took these photos. To see the transformation—click here! Or wait until after the photos and click down there. 🙂

IMG_6272IMG_6265IMG_6215IMG_6217IMG_6210IMG_6252Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Baby rose is my favorite. Click here to see her in her natural habitat. 😉

Thanks for checking out my photos!



The Second Winter

I figure I should stop complaining about spring missing MN (probably won’t), so in honor of the insane snowstorm we’re supposed to get this weekend, here are some winter photos!


Some day it’ll be warm!


Day 12 | We’re Burning Red

DAY 12: Make a color collage.

Shout out to T-Swift for the title inspo!

This took a little time solely for the fact that I needed to scroll through my entire VSCO library to find pictures with similar coloring.

Red is not something I take photos of very often, so it luckily stuck out like a sore thumb. Though after buying red sneakers, I’m becoming very partial to the color. It’s also super easy to make gorgeous in photos with editing!

I like grouping together photo sets a lot. It really pulls at the creativity strings, kind of like putting together an outfit. (I’m still working on building back up that skill, as it’s been out of commission for a few years after working retail.) It’s also fun using photos that have no reason other than color or possibly texture being together.

I grabbed today’s prompt from here!

What’s your favorite color to capture in photos?

Bricks & Greens

Today I present to you a very wealthy neighborhood’s landscape and boy, was it nice to look at.

I love, LOVE taking pictures of things outside (nature, rocks, signs, etc.), so when we walked down this neighborhood street some time ago, it was heaven.

The best part about these pictures is that I haven’t adjusted the color at all! (okay, maybe slightly because I adjusted exposure, but the green is still green even if it’s darker).

Either way, it’s beautiful and I miss grass.


The Bigger Picture: Day 3

Today’s edition includes light and my handy iPhone 7 (and VSCO)!

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Top: my cool industrial lamp from Target!

Bottom: the flame from my candle!

The Bigger Picture series is set to make us appreciate small works of art and challenge us to turn ordinary objects into masterpieces.