• Pink | Color Series

    Pink is not a color I photograph very often (hence the #selfie), but it sure is a color that jumps off the screen!    

  • Yellow | Color Series

    I know I start off a lot of posts like this, but it’s MN, so whatever— IT’S SNOWING AGAIN, so here is a nice, bright post to remind me of what could be…   There’s a bit of orange-y yellow,…

  • Green | Color Series

    Green was much too easy to put together because I always photograph landscape (there’s hundreds of photo options), but it still makes for a good post!   What color should I do next?  

  • Blue | Color Series

    Hello! I have decided to stop the “monthly blogging challenge” since I was all over the place and making up my own prompts (aka being a normal blogger). I do, however, really like some of the ones I did over…