• Frozen, but Fabulous

    I had a wonderful morning freezing my ass off yesterday morning.   Winter is officially here. Prints available on jennadianephotography.com  

  • Beat Up Red Leaves

    are BEAUTIFUL. Captured the start of the fall colors last weekend. Here are a few of my favorites. And yes, this will 100% end up as a collage on my wall.

  • Jenna Diane Photography

    I did it! I made a website, Facebook page, converted my personal Insta to my professional one… One HUGE goal is starting. The first steps are done. You may remember I initially set my goal of setting up my photography…

  • Dancing in the Fresh Air

    WHY BE MOODY WHEN YOU CAN SHAKE YOUR BOOTY. It’s that time of year again where I can hopefully drag out some friends to do fun things while I take pictures. 😉 But honestly, fresh air will solve many problems,…

  • Yellow | Color Series

    I know I start off a lot of posts like this, but it’s MN, so whatever— IT’S SNOWING AGAIN, so here is a nice, bright post to remind me of what could be…   There’s a bit of orange-y yellow,…

  • Green | Color Series

    Green was much too easy to put together because I always photograph landscape (there’s hundreds of photo options), but it still makes for a good post!   What color should I do next?  

  • Canada Cabin

    Tomorrow is April, which means it’s almost May, which means it’s almost Memorial Day, which means Canada cabin time! Spring fever is in full force (still) and we just got like three inches of snow… Here’s some fav shots of…

  • Blue | Color Series

    Hello! I have decided to stop the “monthly blogging challenge” since I was all over the place and making up my own prompts (aka being a normal blogger). I do, however, really like some of the ones I did over…

  • Day 16 | Black & White

    Doing another color themed post today! Really, I just wanted to bring these photos back because they’re still some of my fav and a great reminder of what I’m capable of photography-wise. 🙂