Life Unedited (page 3)

It is cold, people. We’re zooming through February and have landed at the coldest couple of weeks yet this winter. I love a good snowy vibe, but this time of year is always half crabby and half hopeful for the warmth on the horizon.

Which is next week, thank you mother nature. Another exciting thing coming up is the fact I can start working out like normal person again (the reason I ever stopped is a future blog post, so details don’t belong here—oops).

Unfortunately for now, things are feeling quite lonely and boring. In a normal, non-virus year, it’d feel like this, but the fact I’ve been isolating for almost a year on top of it helps nothing.

Living alone is great until it’s the only thing to do.

So for now, enjoy my cold view in a flim-y black and white vibe. It’s all I see these days.


Life Unedited (page 1)

Who’s back? Back again?

Me, hopefully.

I have some ambition that popped out of nowhere, so I’m jumping on it. I want to start a project and since we are in the middle of this pandemic and going out and about isn’t key, I came up with this idea.

I will be going through the hundreds of unedited photos I have, editing some of them, and jotting down random thoughts. Hopefully, I will create a fun, low key little journey on here that will encourage my creativity (and maybe someone else’s).

This is me and somehow, I never chose to post this photo Instagram.

I weirdly had a body breakthrough this year. I used to judge myself pretty hard in photos and then suddenly—without even trying to—I wondered why I ever thought those photos looked bad. I do think that focusing on my mental health is the foundation of that change. I just didn’t expect it to happen.


A Walk in the Park

Dare I say the sun is actually becoming a regular thing around here?!

There are actually 40 degree (F) days in the forecast. Minnesota usually gets a huge and gross blizzard in April, but until then, I’ll enjoy the brisk and windy, but sunny days outside—with my camera, of course.


Cheers to almost spring!


Lights, camera, action—dance!

Took a break—needed a break, but now I’m back with at least one post a week. Gotta start small to start at all.

And to start here are some full of joy photos I took of my dancers at their section competition last weekend. They won first and second—off to State for both!


I don’t have the best equipment for indoor sports photography, so there’s some grain, but that will change soon enough. 😉





Sneaky Skyline

A good photo tip (no matter what you’re using to take it) is to take different angles of the same subject. No need to completely switch the angle either. With the two photos below, I only needed to step a few feet away to get the difference!

Two completely different shots—minimal effort.

I also think it looks like I could have done some fancy photoshop add-ins with the trees and branches and blurred the background, but trust me—that’s a bit too much work for me. 😉


Anyway, it snowed here this week, so I’m trying to draw out fall with as many old photos as I can.

On the bright side- the Gophers just beat Penn State and are still undefeated!


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“Like the colors in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all…”





So I know it’s summer, but I had to include these photos in the throwback week alongside a little T-Swift action (her song Red is always a dream).

The top red leaves photo is hands down one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. (Looks great as a print, too!)


Thanks for stopping by!


Green is the best.

Took my camera out on this beautiful weekend. I spent it back home with my family, so of course, we had to get some work on the deck done. 🙂

Green is my favorite color because of the liveliness that comes with it. Everything grows back brighter and we can relax and enjoy.

A Choice

I have been on and off with my camera over the past couple years. Of course I want to take pretty photos, but how do you know when the right time is to bring your camera with? Do I want to be the girl that always has a camera?

At first—no, but now it’s time to make a conscious decision to be that girl that has her camera all the time.

I truly just love taking pictures of things or candid shots of friends. Portrait photography is definitely fun and I enjoy it, but my passion is not with it, but with walking down the street, through the woods, by the water and letting the shutter sound take over.

But it’s March in Minnesota, so we got to wait a bit longer for the ideal weather (aka not wet, cold, and sloppy).

So while we wait, here are a few shots taken from my new apartment window. ☺️

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Thank you!