• TBT | Mother’s Day

    In honor of honoring my momma on Sunday, this week’s throwback is a few pictures of her (and baby me) being awesome! My mom as a kid. My mom holding a chubby baby. 😉 My mom holding a crabby baby.…

  • Friday the 13th | In the Ditch

    Today isn’t over yet ( I have yet to even eat dinner), but I’m ready for bed. Friday the 13th has never been a “bad” day for me. I’ve never experienced any sort of superstitious events, but have had fun…

  • Canada Cabin

    Tomorrow is April, which means it’s almost May, which means it’s almost Memorial Day, which means Canada cabin time! Spring fever is in full force (still) and we just got like three inches of snow… Here’s some fav shots of…

  • XVI

    I will always have a soft spot for a flower when I have a camera.

  • XII

    Most people say “We’re going to the cabin!”. I grew up saying “We’re going to Canada!”. My family cabin is in Canada, so every time I say Canada in any context, I’m usually talking about the cabin (unless we’re talking…

  • VI

    Spending time with family (aka driving them around to run errands) even on a rainy day can make a heart happy. 

  • V

    Home is where the heart is (and the pretty fake flowers in front of the fire place). Time to relax.