creativity among the wildflowers

Today, I’m sharing my simple way of using creativity to get out of that pesky rut.

This week was a bit of an off week. Even though when I look back, I was productive. I have only two chapters left of my “final, not final” manuscript edit and I ran two days for the first time in forever.

Still, I felt off. It’s Friday now and I have a fun lake weekend ahead of me, so I know I need to drop those feelings. To me that means being creative. Creativity equals relaxation in my mind.

I love finding quotes, photography, and writing inspiration on Pinterest. That is one of the most common things you will find me doing and one of the easiest ways for me to get out of my head.

So this morning, I searched for a good flower quote or something to title this post that related to my flower photography (something you can find more commonly littered on my Instagram).

Being creative is a simple thing. Most people overthink it. You don’t even need to create something tangible, just put yourself into a rabbit hole of Pinterest or Instagram, full of pretty pictures and words.

The results may surprise you.


baby roses, baby bees

I’ve been focusing more on creativity lately, so my posts are going to be gear mostly towards that. Photography is the easiest way for me to display that creativity, so this blog about to be a photo blog for a minute.

Here’s some pretty little roses to get us started.





Pretty in Pink

Why have I never noticed these trees before!

They are all over in my childhood neighborhood. Just goes to show, I definitely did not have the photographer’s eye back then. 😉

Also, new camera, new lens—I’m in love.




I just love flowers, okay?

Hello, beautiful people!

I took a break. You probably didn’t notice, but I noticed and it was a little frustrating, but also nice, which makes life decisions hard, but here we are again.

To start off actually scheduling posts again, I present you with even more flowers. I got a new lens, visited my aunt and uncle and their plants, and boy, color me happy!

I, of course, spent a little time editing these, but barely because the colors were there and thriving. It was awesome.


Someday, I will get my shit together with my photography website, but if you are interested in any prints, please message me!

I don’t know when I’ll revamp things because I’m also on track to starting querying my book this fall (fingers crossed) and that’ll be a whole other stress load because I don’t know what I’m doing and I start coaching dance next week for a couple of months.

I’m exciting for everything to come, but I also have no attention span, so…


Thanks for stopping by! I hope these beauties brightened up your day!


Wildlife Photography?

I live in the southern half of Minnesota. There’s not a ton of wildlife, specially in town (and definitely not in the big city), but when I went to visit my parents, I caught a few bugs animals on camera. 😉

I promise there is a tiny orange-ish bug up in there!

These dragonflies aren’t the pretty blue ones I see at the cabin, but they’ll do!



My favorite colors: purple & green.

A little off track, but here we are with another flower post—this time with my favorite colors.

Getting obnoxiously close to small plants and flowers is one of my all time favorite things to do with photography.


Thanks for stopping by!