• TBT | Lake Days

    This week’s throwback is a desperate whine call for some much needed lake time. This is my cousin, Dana, and I at her lake cabin. I had to borrow a swimsuit, but that fancy little ying yang bandaid was all…

  • Lake Cabin Colors

    I keep seeing these little color scheme/aesthetic designs on Pinterest, so I needed to try it out! This one comes from my little slice of heaven—my family lake cabin—using one of my favorite photos I took up there!  

  • TBT | Canada

    Here is a very old, but very awesome picture of Grandpa George and Grandma Sharon standing at the cabin! We still go there every summer and it’s the best place ever.  

  • Canada Cabin

    Tomorrow is April, which means it’s almost May, which means it’s almost Memorial Day, which means Canada cabin time! Spring fever is in full force (still) and we just got like three inches of snow… Here’s some fav shots of…

  • Summer Wishin’

    In honor of it being a gorgeous 40°F this weekend (I’m in Minnesota, so it’s really great), I gathered some of my favorite photos from one of my favorite places. I have a family cabin in Canada and this past…