• Sneak Peak: A Hero’s Secret

    I’ve been slacking on the creative writing portion of my blog, so I thought I’d give a little bit of a preview into my story I’m currently working on. This one will be the first that I’ll try to publish, whether…

  • Day 7 |Photo Post|

    DAY 7: Post a photo with very little wording. Flip it, flip it good. Hi, I missed a day and will start skipping topics because they don’t fit what I want, but oh well, here’s todays. 🙂

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my blog! Have a look around and enjoy all my photography, short stories, and rambling thoughts! Here’s to kicking 2018’s booty!

  • A Mirror of Another World

    I’ve started writing a story that is literally my favorite idea so far and trust me, I’ve had a lot of ideas. I am truly that person who daydreams for than thinking of reality because for me, at least right now, daydreaming is…

  • XVI

    I will always have a soft spot for a flower when I have a camera.

  • XIV

    When you sunburn your nose and it turns to freckles instead of tan… But for real, why did I ever wear foundation? Natural skin for the win– on me at least, that stuff doesn’t sit well on my face because…

  • XIII

    Back to reality… dreaming of better days.