feel green, feel alive

Green is absolutely my favorite color. I love how it fills landscape after a cold winter- everything is alive once again. It’s a good motivating color for me, a good fresh color that goes hand in hand with fresh air. It also photographs really nicely. 😉




baby roses, baby bees

I’ve been focusing more on creativity lately, so my posts are going to be gear mostly towards that. Photography is the easiest way for me to display that creativity, so this blog about to be a photo blog for a minute.

Here’s some pretty little roses to get us started.





Pretty in Pink

Why have I never noticed these trees before!

They are all over in my childhood neighborhood. Just goes to show, I definitely did not have the photographer’s eye back then. 😉

Also, new camera, new lens—I’m in love.




Down this path together.

Another week, another what the fuck.

I still don’t have words for exactly what the world is going through, so I’ll skip the trying to explain.

Instead, I’m going to list a couple pros and cons I’ve learned through this quarantine era.


I can’t find gluten free stuff as easily. Target is my go-to for food and everything and for some reason, they aren’t stocking gluten free food like they used to. I haven’t ventured out to other stores frankly because I’m lazy.

I live alone and can’t see family or friends. This is pretty self-explanatory and I’ve touched on it in prior posts, but empty houses/apartments hit different right now.



I am so sick of social media. This sounds like a con, but I spend too much time on social media and with what is going on, I’m able to set the phone down and focus on other things. I do follow politicians, government people, and sports, so I get news on there, but everything else is becoming too much.

My motivation is coming back. I’ve found workouts I enjoy and am losing some weight. I’m working on this blog more consistently and appreciating the photos I’ve taken (see below), and most importantly, I’m working on editing my book, which has one more big edit before I stop caring and try to step in to the traditional publishing world.

I’m curious, since we are basically all on a similar path right now, what pros and cons have you countered the last few weeks?




Social Distancing | This is crazy.

What a world we live in.

I fortunately/unfortunately still get to go to work everyday amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m thankful for the paycheck and distraction. I’m also scared that I’ll get infected. Thankfully, I live alone, so the only people I see are my coworkers—overall less people to spread it to if I do get it.

Either way, the atmosphere is absolutely insane and, like my brother told me, we are literally living history right now. It’s overwhelming and I’m not sure what to think about it.

The last two weeks have been incredibly stressful with not knowing what the state was going to do and not knowing what my employer was going to do. I can relax now having answers to both. Minnesota starts the “stay at home” order today and it goes through April 10th. My employer… well, nothing really has changed there.

Despite only half of that feeling safe and like the right decision, I do feel calmer overall. I’m also excited to start focusing on things again, like this blog, my book, my health, and the cleanliness of my apartment.

And most importantly, I’m excited to enjoy nature (by myself and six feet away from friends). To start off, here are some photos from my latest social distancing walk.

As the snow is melting here and we are gearing up for Spring, I’m thankful for the fall like colors of the last three photos. 😉 Also, thankful I brought my friend into the photography life and now get fun photos of myself, haha!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. We will get through this! At least, we can tell ourselves that until we do—despite what people may think, words hold a hell of a lot of power.

We will get through this!