• Snowy Photo Drop

    As much as I hate how long winter lasts here, I do love the season and all the different kinds of photography styles within it. These are some throwbacks that I love! Stay tuned for more winter photography to come…

  • Life in Nature

    Despite the scorching, record-breaking heat this weekend, I got outside with my camera. It never disappoints how long I can wander around in the woods!

  • Woodsy

    Love a good walk through the woods with my camera (circa summer 2016).

  • Walk the City

    Still wishing for warmer weather—mainly so I can get outside and get some photos without worrying about my camera freezing to death. Can that happen? I don’t even know if that can happen, but I’m worried about it.

  • A Mirror of Another World

    I’ve started writing a story that is literally my favorite idea so far and trust me, I’ve had a lot of ideas. I am truly that person who daydreams for than thinking of reality because for me, at least right now, daydreaming is…