Where It All Went Wrong | 15

“We need to leave.” Sullivan was out the door before Lucy even had time to finish her toast. She rolled her eyes, pushing off the counter and following him out. “You should probably eat,” she mumbled after stuffing the rest of the bread in her mouth. “I’ll grab something at the bookstore.” He walked a […]

Where It All Went Wrong | 7

“I definitely did not write the book.” Lucy stood facing the  group, Piper, Enzo, and Sullivan, from the village in the woods. She took a step back. “It’s like a hundred years old.” “Lucy,” Enzo chuckled, “hasn’t anyone ever told you not to judge a book by its cover?” Lucy shook her head and furrowed […]

Different Letters, Different Places

Write a story using a different letter for each sentence (repeats allowed, but not consistently). After her run, Josie wandered slowly back to her house, trying to delay her meeting with lovely Aunt Betsy. Betsy did nothing to actually be an aunt, or an adult figure for that matter. Confident, yet ignorant, she moved in after […]