• Cool Toned Nature

    Two pictures from two different days and two different places, but the colors… love the colors.   Fun fact: the flowers are actually fake!

  • The Bigger Picture: Day 3

    Today’s edition includes light and my handy iPhone 7 (and VSCO)! Top: my cool industrial lamp from Target! Bottom: the flame from my candle! The Bigger Picture series is set to make us appreciate small works of art and challenge us to…

  • Black & White Textures

    I’ve recently discovered that in Photoshop, when changing photos to black and white, you can adjust the darkness of specific colors. Simple and I should have figured it out earlier, but it’s the coolest thing and I’m obsessed, so here…

  • Night Lights

    From rooftops to sidewalks, past summer nights of mosquitos and experimenting with light turned out pretty awesome.

  • The Bigger Picture: Day 2

    Mondays are hard, but here’s some cool looking photos to get you through… maybe? Top picture: two really old, really lovely books I found at a vintage/secondhand shop. Bottom picture: my plant that I’ve had for three years and haven’t…

  • The Bigger Picture: Day 1

    Finding things to zoom in on and try to make mysterious and interesting is quite hard in a small apartment in the middle of winter, but I got a handful a shots (mostly my little plants and home decor). Here…

  • The Bigger Picture: A Photo Series

    More or less, these two pictures created my love of zooming in as far as I can and using manual focus because I’m too close for auto to work. There’s something about making normal things look a lot cooler. Don’t be…

  • Downtown Details

    Back in school, I did photography as an elective and we did a “shooting at the hip” assignment where we just stuck the camera out in random directions and clicked the shutter a million times. I got like a hundred…

  • Woodsy

    Love a good walk through the woods with my camera (circa summer 2016).

  • Walk the City

    Still wishing for warmer weather—mainly so I can get outside and get some photos without worrying about my camera freezing to death. Can that happen? I don’t even know if that can happen, but I’m worried about it.