• Sunset Sight

    How doesn’t love a good sunset (or sunrise) full of colors? A couple of the photos are edited a bit, but the color never really crosses over well into digital mode, you know? These three sunsets were a sight for…

  • A Walk in the Park

    Today’s post includes one of my favorite things to do: take pictures in a park! 🙂 I love walking through different parks and places full of nature with my camera. It usually ends in hundreds of photos. These photos are…

  • Engagement Love

    As you may or may not know, I’m a novice photographer with a definite starter camera. I mostly take pictures of nature or cool-looking inanimate objects, but my good friends Kayla and Ryan trusted me enough to take some of…

  • Hidden Nature

    This little pond sits in a park somewhere in Minneapolis. It is in a residential area, but still, it’s hard to find nature in concrete jungles!

  • The Traveling Shoes

    I went through this phase of taking pictures of my feet (probably still in it to be honest), so here is a run down of last, last summer, fall, spring — winter is in my Snow Days post. 🙂

  • Flowers

    I’ve definitely got summer fever. Back at ya with another last summer pictures of flowers post! First and last photo were taken on my iPhone!

  • Cool Toned Nature

    Two pictures from two different days and two different places, but the colors… love the colors.   Fun fact: the flowers are actually fake!

  • The Bigger Picture: Day 3

    Today’s edition includes light and my handy iPhone 7 (and VSCO)! Top: my cool industrial lamp from Target! Bottom: the flame from my candle! The Bigger Picture series is set to make us appreciate small works of art and challenge us to…