We don’t need motivation.

“Motivation isn’t necessary. You just have to do it.”

—a slightly paraphrased quote from page 182 of Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered


This statement punched me in the face with a bag of bricks and ran me over.

It’s okay, though. I’m fine.

I have been using the motivation crutch for years (coupling it with the lovely mental health struggles) and I didn’t even realize it until this morning.

During this quarantine moment we are all having, like everyone, I have had good days and bad days. Mainly, I’ve been lonely and sad I can’t enjoy the Minnesota nice weather (because we only have that summer life for a few months tops out here), but I’ve also had a sense of “motivation” to get some of my personal goals back on track. It’s been a very subtle change, but it’s there.

However, I was still using the excuse of not having motivation to work harder, or at all when I spend the day on the couch with Netflix and games on my phone. This is why reading that section of the book hit me harder than other parts.

It seems so simple, maybe even silly, because, of course we don’t need motivation—not for things we love to do, not for things we hate to do, or we need to do. So why do I need motivation to write? I love to write. I love to eat popcorn and I definitely don’t need motivation for that. I don’t need motivation to go to work because I need to for money—there isn’t a choice, so I just go.

Today, with this post keeping me accountable, I’m going to start viewing things in my life a little differently. No more using motivation as an excuse. I don’t need to like it, but now there is literally nothing standing in my way to get shit done.

Here we go.





A view from home

Good news is that I finally got set up to work from home on Friday! Bad news is that I haven’t been out to take any new photos lately. So to smash those two nice and not so nice things together, I thought I’d post some throwback photos that I took out my window. I think they’re kinda cool.





Down this path together.

Another week, another what the fuck.

I still don’t have words for exactly what the world is going through, so I’ll skip the trying to explain.

Instead, I’m going to list a couple pros and cons I’ve learned through this quarantine era.


I can’t find gluten free stuff as easily. Target is my go-to for food and everything and for some reason, they aren’t stocking gluten free food like they used to. I haven’t ventured out to other stores frankly because I’m lazy.

I live alone and can’t see family or friends. This is pretty self-explanatory and I’ve touched on it in prior posts, but empty houses/apartments hit different right now.



I am so sick of social media. This sounds like a con, but I spend too much time on social media and with what is going on, I’m able to set the phone down and focus on other things. I do follow politicians, government people, and sports, so I get news on there, but everything else is becoming too much.

My motivation is coming back. I’ve found workouts I enjoy and am losing some weight. I’m working on this blog more consistently and appreciating the photos I’ve taken (see below), and most importantly, I’m working on editing my book, which has one more big edit before I stop caring and try to step in to the traditional publishing world.

I’m curious, since we are basically all on a similar path right now, what pros and cons have you countered the last few weeks?