• Fly High

    Fly high like an eagle (and finish your damn manuscript).


    fyrgebræc; distinct, sharp crackling or breaking sound made by a fire

  • ‘Tis afterwords that everything is understood.

    ‘Tis afterwords that everything is understood. Old Irish Saying It’s hard to look up to the sky and trust in the faith that everything happens for a reason. When things skip a beat or turn around, it leaves trails of…

  • Eventide

    Noun: the end of the day, evening (old English) The sun dipped behind the trees that stood jagged and tall around the crumbing path of dirt and rock. A light wind rustled between leaves and pinecones dangling from branches above.…

  • Green

    It didn’t happen until this summer—the summer the stress went away, the summer she was coming back. It all started with the color green—in her eyes, her clothes, and everywhere outside.  It was life and joy among dirt and failure.…