The BEST Music To Write To



I don’t know if it’s because it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down with my headphones in and wrote, but hot DAMN did I find some good music for it.

In general, I think the best pieces of music to write to are movie scores. They pull me in every time and I get so motivated. It’s especially cool to write with them because it automatically makes every scene you are working on 100% cooler and more intense.

So tonight, I got off (technically I got on) my lazy ass and put some quality time into my book, A Hero’s Secret. I grabbed my headphones and instead of going to my dedicated Spotify playlist for writing, I typed in the soundtrack for the last movie I saw.

The Death Cure. AKA the third movie in the Maze Runner series.

Now I wasn’t particularly a fan of the third book, but the movie is actually much better. This is possibly the only instance where I like the movie better than the book, so naturally I had to give the music a try and MAN I’M GLAD I DID.

I don’t know what it is about it, but the music just hit me hard and I was overtaken by emotions that I really don’t even remember, but it was all good. It just felt good and felt right to write to.

A few of my favorites to start off (because I haven’t even finished the whole thing yet) are:

Visions of Thomas

The Virus


I’m Sorry

Teresa’s Plea

If you haven’t noticed, they all have not so happy titles and that might be a reason I love them. They’re just so damn moving.

Anyway, HUGE shoutout to John Paesano for creating this masterpiece. I highly, highly recommend listening to this score if you’re a writer or if you just want to feel something, anything. Just give it a go, you guys. It’s awesome.


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