The Bigger Picture: A Photo Series

More or less, these two pictures created my love of zooming in as far as I can and using manual focus because I’m too close for auto to work. There’s something about making normal things look a lot cooler.

Don’t be surprised if I start photo series of ordinary objects transformed into something else because I just decided to that as I wrote this.

You know what? Yeah, this is the first installment of A Bigger Picture: A Photo Series.


Top picture: My friend Emily dropped a rock in a puddle in a dirty downtown alley.

Bottom picture: A plant on the roof of Emily’s parents apartment downtown.

2 Replies to “The Bigger Picture: A Photo Series”

  1. Love love LOVE that top pic. Your photos are all stunning, but I’m particularly drawn to water images. I blame growing up in a lake town, haha.

    1. oh, thank you so much! I also am a fan of water (particularly anything at my lake cabin), but in general nature is where its at for me!

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